KnowledgeVision has a security fraudster as its COO

Lincoln, Massachusetts

KnowledgeVision, based in Lincoln, MA, has given software to customers that does not work. Did KnowledgeVision know in advance that its software did not work, but sell it anyway?

Allen Deary, the COO of KnowledgeVision, was charged with securities fraud by the SEC. Here is a press release from the SEC about Allen Deary's securities fraud:

Jeffrey Cooper (a/k/a Jeff Cooper and Jeffrey S. Cooper) of Norwell, MA is the CFO of KnowledgeVision. Jeff Cooper is aware of Allen Deary's securities fraud history yet remained on as the company CFO in spite of this information being widely known.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Knowledgevision - Put wrong email address

Not resolved

The email to contact Jeffrey Cooper of Knowledge Vision is I sent an email earlier to have this malicious post removed and it is still up there much to my dismay.

I am very surprised that your site would allow an unverified malicious personal attack to be published like this. Zach is a great employee and has never been the subject of any complaints in his years at Knowledge vision.

As I mentioned, the attack against Zach Potter is a personal attack against a lower level employee and it was initiated by someone with a grudge against him and misrepresented the facts. We need to have this removed immediately.

It is hurting his personal reputation and that of Knowledgevision which has never had a complaint against it. Please advise once this false accusation has been removed.

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Knowledgevision sales guy Zackary Potter is a lunatic

Lincoln, Massachusetts
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We had a terrible experience with Knowledgevision sales rep Zack Potter not too long ago. This guy was unhinged!

We were not really happy with the software we bought (really not much value for the thousands we paid) so we did not want to renew our service. So Zack Potter (think of Harry Potter, only a really obsessed and evil Harry Potter) kept contacting us saying he was my "customer advocate". I kept telling him that we did not want to renew our services. And the more we said no, this Zack Potter just went bonkers on us!

He started and continued this nonstop email chain to us which was downright spooky -- when he did not get the "yes" he wanted from us, he started sending us sarcastic, demeaning and personal attack emails.

After a while, we told him flat out that we never experienced such an insane response from a sales rep ever in our lives or company history, which resulted in even more vicious and angry emails from him.

So, if you are thinking of using Knowledgevision, we should caution you to think twice about it (unless you are willing to bear the wrath of Zack Potter).

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Experienced the same thing!

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